Fair Pricing.

We can cover all major accounting functions, from bookkeeping, through payroll, to management accounts and tax returns, all in a handy turnover based pricing structure.

We charge dependent on how much work you have on, meaning your price can be revised up and down dependent on how well your business is going. For example if you believe your turnover should be £50,000 we will charge only £48.00 a month exclusive of VAT for our Essentials Service. Should you’re turnover exceed this during the year, but fall below £100,000 we will then charge you £54.00 per month exclusive of VAT.

This would be backdated to the beginning of the year in which you exceeded the threshold, so it is important to give us the best possible idea of your turnover at the outset. It does also work in reverse though, so, if you believe your turnover will be between £50,000 and £100,000 but it doesn’t exceed £50,000 we will refund you the extra payments.


Whilst we are responsible for your accounts, we ensure you are fully compliant by managing a virtual team accountants and bookkeepers. Because of the reduced overheads this means we can offer you extremely competitive prices.

>£1,000,000P. O. A. P. O. A.